What is this all about!?

Well I got you here didn’t I? If you’ve stopped by why not listen to me for a minute. This particular not-yet-really-titled site will serve as a posting ground for my path from ground zero to wherever it may lead – I aim high so I guess the 25th story? Anyway, I will post all my ventures, adventures and entrepreneurial successes and equally as well all the defeats and mishaps, which we all know are far more common. But right, we’re here to learn from our mistakes and never to bow to defeat, because we know defeat is only temporary. Defeat is temporary and victory comes right after it! So, are you an enthusiastic entrepreneur, business starter or business owner and wants to learn something more or just see where the road leads this poor schmuck? Well then be sure to bookmark and to subscribe to my blog down below and receive emails whenever I update the website. And I promise, I won’t spam or try to sell you drugs! My only intention with this site is to inform anyone who might be interested in how to succeed, because that is the person I am! I want to help, but of course I need help and assistance myself before I can be of much anything to anyone.

Right, let me introduce myself. My name is Domen Kert, I am a young entrepreneur (or wanapreneur as Noah Kagan puts it), am twenty years old and come from Slovenia. I am currently residing in the capital, Ljubljana, during the week and leave the capital for the weekend to go home, to a small town called Ravne na Koroskem, whereas I spend my time playing volleyball and conjuring up my master plan! I study economics at the faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana and am working part-time at a company called Studio Moderna, whereas I sell their products over the phone.

Yes I may be young, but age is of no importance to me or to any smart individual. I expect you to be that, a very smart, intelligent individual who wants to rise in life well above average and accumulate vast fortunes. I am one of those, dreaming megalomaniacs, but hey tell me one highly successful person who isn’t? I realize I am not even on ground zero yet. I am still underground. So, I will persistently and continuously follow through until I achieve my goal. To find out what my goals are you are going to have to follow my blog and visit at least once in a blue moon (though, try at least twice).

Sometime starting is hard, but this time it really wasn’t. The thing with blogging is that most people create it post one blog and then just don’t find the passion and persistence for it. And there is no substitute for persistence. Until my next post you can read some of the material I have written over time on my two other blogs; Continued Stories and The Illuminate Blogs.

Best regards,