One step closer!

This past week has been very, very exhausting as I had a 4 day traning-seminar for my position as a telephone salesman for a Slovenian Company Studio Moderna. I was one of the 7 people picked from a group of around 20. I was confident I was going to get it all along but nevertheless you still have that little itch in the stomach- it takes time to get completely rid of any sort of nervousness and stage fright, however I believe it is very much possible by exerting a very strong and confident energy. That I think is the way to beat stage fright , by applying your energy to the group. I noticed that any stage fright (or in this case, phone fright) was slowly diminishing or melting away as we got to know each other. What was also very interesting is that we, as a group of 20 or so very different people, got quite close in a sense that we didn’t separate into any groups and we sort of cheered for one another – something I find peculiar these days, after all they’re teaching us individuality on a daily basis. The group spirit really was amazing and I am just sorry that the rest of them didn’t get hired because they deserved it. But, such is the cruel, capitalistic machine, it does not negotiate, it does not think about the person it just chewed up and threw away. All of those people in the group were very much eager to get the job, mostly because they wanted to change or just needed it. Some of them have been unemployed for years, whilst others, as I have said, were just seeking a new avenue in life and I for one admire that immensely. However, they will not come far if they do not gear up more confidently because these days being forty plus old, and perhaps no real experience in sales or marketing, one will not get anywhere at all without a very strong energy vibe. A person has to shine and he will but for that it is necessary to work on one’s self-esteem first. Most people, and I mean my colleges in the group as well, focus on the negative way too much. They whine about not knowing how to do this, how they aren’t capable of doing that and admire people who can like they were from another planet. No! They’re not, one just needs to find his key positive points and reinforce them. One also needs to, either adept the bad stuff to work, by turning them into advantages, or eliminate them all together. At the very least it is necessary to limit their potency on your behaviour. Self-confidence will not come over night but it will come if a person is to work on it, profusely, and on a daily basis.

Following are some steps you might take to improve your basic wellbeing:

1. First of all, appearance, your outer-you.

It is said that emotion follows action. As such, start dressing sharp. Buy some good quality clothes that fit you perfectly, and wear these clothes daily. After buying good clothes you also need to show them off properly. Good clothes are one thing (and shoes of course) but you still need to present yourself. So walk a tad faster (unless you’re already a fast walker), elevate your posture, look the world in the eyes and keep your head high – chin in though! And lastly, put on a pleasant smile.

2. Develop Self-confidence (self-worth, self-regard, self-respect and self-integrity)

Confront your fears. You will have to go through a deep introspection of yourself, and then evaluate yourself based on it. And introspection is not an easy or quick process, you will require some time to really understand it and then understand yourself. After identifying your fears, you have to confront them! Make a list of what you believe you fear and then go step by step by eliminating it from your system or at least minimizing the effects it has on you. Now that you know what to attack, you can start by going down the list you’ve written. Say you’re afraid of criticism and thus a symptom is fear of public speaking. You’ve bought some great clothes, shoes, you walk all proud and your posture is fantastic. Your smile shines heavenly upon all of the sad face people however you still cannot speak up when asked a question whenever there are more than three other people around. As such, breathe in with your nose and exhale slowly and then scream out loud as mighty as you can, top of your lung! Well, no, no need to do that (although, this would help you out tremendously). Scream out loud with your energy and then say what you want to say. Stand still, posture relaxed and yet firm, and start talking. Use your hands, because they help our thinking process so we can speak more fluently. Don’t overuse them though, always keep them near your body and don’t try and land airplanes with them.

3. Take action

You’ve been thinking about things your whole life, now move on and turn your thoughts into reality: take action! We’ve all faced procrastination and indecision in life but now that you’ve confronted some of your fears you can move on and not be hindered by procrastination, which basically comes from the fear of criticism. You’re afraid of what people might say if you do that drastic change or another. I tell you, do not even think about what other people might opinionate. They don’t matter as they themselves have got problems to deal with as well, only in reality you’ll be admired by them for taking action into the right direction. Now which direction that is, well, that is for you to find out and I hope you did so through some introspection and meditation. You need a focused, burning desire to get started, once you have got that you can proceed. 95% of people have absolutely no idea what they want to become or do in life. They only have vague ideas about being wealthy and many don’t even have a desire for being wealthy they just want to pass by living comfortably and when asked what they desire they don’t have a clue. Don’t be that person and have very specific ideas about what you want, the more specific the better. Say you want to be wealthy: do not think and desire to be rich, but do so in specific terms – I want a million dollars in 10 years time. After you’ve got it, faithfully follow that desire with brute persistence. That is when you take action- once you know what you want and you have a burning desire. If you take action in the wrong direction it may hurt you in the end – if your ideas are vague. But take action now to get to ground zero, where your mind is clear about what you want. Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent, knew exactly what to do after his assassination attempt. His mind was clear of all obstacles and minor interferences that were insignificant (most things are insignificant, only we inflate them), his thoughts were crystal clear: he knew what to do and how to do it. He, most likely, communicated with Infinite Intelligence. So, go on if you haven’t taken action yet and do so now. You can use this guide for the initial push forward.

These three steps are just a few steps towards yourr new life. Any guide, similar to this one, will show you a direction that is much like what I have written. Once you know yourself and you know what you want, you can take action. After that you will will advance to the latter stages of personal development.

As for me, I am very glad I got the position as an agent (telephone marketer) for Studio Moderna. Not only will I be able to earn some good money for forwarding my cause, but also gain a lot of experience in the field of conversation, salesmanship and handling people. Let’s not forget, life is a journey of education, day in day out : you’re never quite there.