It works!

It absolutely does, yes, the law of attraction or the formula, or the secret or even praying if you want to call it that way – works. Here is how I consider it working. After reading Think and Grow Rich by the magnificent author and master of success Napoleon Hill, I started practising what he wrote about. Actually, I started the process at page approximately page 90, so I am now about two months in. What do I practice you ask? Well I simply repeat, aloud, every day before going to bed a statement. The statement says how much money I want,  when I want it and what I will give in return. At the end of the statement you also have to express your belief in what you have just said. So, I am two months into doing this each night before retiring (even though I should be doing it in the morning as well – actually, the more often the better!) and the metaphysical, quantum physics effects are already showing! By metaphysic I mean that I have attracted two significant persons into my life. They are both young entrepreneurs, visionaries. We all have similar ideas on business, philoshophy and what not. It is, thus, true that you attract to yourself people who are similar in thought and in action. I have now proven to myself this theory and now that I have I will be ever-more confident in my success. It is now time to briefly share the process of all this. Follow it and you will achieve the top of the world, ignore it at your own peril.

Headline it The Definite Chief Aim in Life and do the following:

1. Write down the amount that you wish to accumulate.

This has to be an exact number. Think of an amount of money that you think you will be able to attract. That is key here, do not write a number that you know beforehand that you won’t be able to achieve. It has to be an amount in which you can believe, it is crucial! It is of utmost importance that you believe you can accumulate it. If you are confident enough to be able to achieve a billion dollars, then write that down! Remember, there are absolutely no limitations in what you can imagine, there are only limitations in our limited scope and paradigm.  It is , as such, necessary to elevate ourselves above these limitations set upon by society and other people.

2. Add the exact date in which time you shall receive the amount you asked for.

As before, the date has to be exact. Just write you want that much money by the date of your choosing. Now this may be a definite chief aim in life, but when you achive this aim, you will be able to set up another one. So, do not worry and set up relatively short time spans for achieving what you want. It is better to set up a small amount to reach and shorten the amount of time that lapses in between than specify a date ten years in the future and a huge amount of money. Make many, many small steps and down the road it will seem like a huge leap.

3. Write, specifically, how you intend on accumulating this amount.

What you intend to offer in return for the amount, what product or service. If you want to sell wine online, say you something like » in return for this money I will give the most efficient service and the best quality of service in the capacity of a salesman of wine products online. I will give the best possible service and product to my dear customers, all of whom I shall respect«. Giving in life is very important. The law of giving and receiving will protect you throughout your life and as such do not be afraid to give, give and once more give! You will receive abundantly more in return, maybe not from the person you have given to, but from other sources. In business you want to give the best possible product or service. You want to give your customers the greatest return on their investment so that they will feel great about buying your products and will return for many more a time. Not only that, but they will bring with them their friends, family and all whom they might tell about you. Joe Girard wrote in his excellent book, How to Sell anything to anybody, that every person knows on average 250 people. Well, he might have been right in the 70’s, but nowadays it’s a much bigger number. People might still know 250 people in person, but they can touch infinitely more people through popular social networks, blogs etc. Do your best, because you deserve your best, and your custumers do so as well. Why be average anyway, we’re here Ever to Excel in every possible way!

4. Visualize your goal and affirm your belief

The last part of your statement must contain that you believe you will have this money in your possession, that you can now see it before your eyes and touch it. In this part you visualize money coming to you, seeing it, smelling it even.  What I use, and what Napoleon Hill advises is »I believe I will have this money in my possession. My faith is so strong that I can now see this money before my eyes. I can touch it with my hands. It is now awaiting transfer to me at the time and in the proportion that I deliver the service and product I intend to render in return for it. I am awaiting a plan by which to accumulate this money, and I will follow that plan when it is received.«

Remember, read this statement at least once before retiring. It is best to read it aloud as many times as possible, but that might be a bit unpractical. So, try doing it once before going to bed at night and upon awaking in the morning. I must admit, I still have to start doing it in the morning – I can be a terrible grouch in the morning.

Let me just write this one more thing. A short update on how things are going. Work at Studio Moderna is going fine. I am still, however, a rough diamond in the making. Even though the job is just temporary and exists for keeping me fed I still do by best – doing so in life, is vital. Never lack in passion, never do anything if you aren’t sure of it. On another note, my three business ideas and concepts which I want to bring to life within these 6 months – I have got until the 12th of April 2012 to do so – are starting to get real conrete. I now know which three business ideas I will pursue. You are going to be informed about this in upcoming blogs, as I am not yet ready to reveal any more about it. Stay tuned and keep on improving! Don’t forget to subscribe if you still haven’t, and in the spirit of giving – tell some one about this little growing blog, you will thus help both him, yourself, and me in the process.