The crucial importance of Gratitude!

Are you grateful for the things in your life yet? If yes, good, if not then you better start being so if you want to manifest true happiness and an abundant life! It is crucially important to be grateful for the things in your life, no matter how bleak and bad they may seem to be. As you know there is always something positive in everyone’s life and we have to learn to embrace that. We have to be grateful for our parents, the food we have on the table each day, the daily water supply, the warm clothes on our backs, shoes on our feet to keep us warm, our friends, family, people who surround us and just anything that is great in our lives. Too many people are in a dark place in their lives and I can understand it is very difficult to break free of the stranglehold in has on their lives. They will only be able to do that by becoming grateful for the things they have in their lives that are good, even if they are few. In showing gratitude on a daily basis a person will grow and manifest more of what one is grateful for. Think about the food you eat on a daily basis and the sacrifice animals had to make to get that food to you. Food is energy and it is transferred from one source to another. Money is energy as well and as such it is very important to treat it so. Be grateful for every penny you have to invest. What’s more, start thinking of money you spend as investment and not as spending. With a monetary frame of mind that is set on investment you will break the cycle of careless and frugal spending on things we do not need or even want.What I want you to do is stop thinking of the past and the future. The past is only electricity in our brains, and when we feel nostalgic it is only because we are afraid of the now, because we may be in an uncomfortable position. As well as you should not think about the past too much, you also shouldn’t live in the future. Forget about “I’ll do this in a year, when I’ll have more time”, “Things will sort out in time” etc.Right this second, when you are reading this line, is the best time to be alive. Use this time to progress, to learn new things, to create your future. But do not go and neglect the past and future entirely. Use past experiences to guide you to the future and use the future to set goals and to be visionary. Experience life in the now, go out there and just do it. Consider everything you do as an experience, whether you perceive it as bad or good. This way you will grow and start to lose fear all together.

This is what I do with gratitude:

I have a note on Evernote entitled as Daily Gratitude. Each day I write something I am grateful for on that particular day. It does not need to be anything significant, it can be things like gratitude for the bus driver that brought you home safely and relatively quick. It can be a waiter who was very pleasant, smiled and made your day. You only need to experience life in the now and be grateful for the good, positive things in your life. And yes let’s face it, there are always countless unwelcome things and sometimes it is hard to just push them aside and see the light. But try nonetheless, because only by trying we can succeed. Don’t be afraid to thank a person who has done a good deed for you with all your heart. Communicate with the world and the people in it, and don’t forget to smile whilst you do so. I regularly whistle while going around town. The bottom line is this. We all have bad and good things in our lives. Most of the bad and good is only as such because of the way we perceive those things and events. Deal with the bad like you deal with people you don’t like, which is to ignore them. Ignore and eliminate the unwanted. On the other hand reinforce and concentrate on the good. Find good things in your life if they aren’t entirely obvious. They are there, I guarantee you.

From a metaphysical standpoint, concentrating on what you do not want, talking and thinking about your problems will only bring more of them. As Mother Teresa said, “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”  Mother Teresa knew, and now you also do. Now you can focus all of your attention and focus on the good, the positive and manifest more of it. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, we all are a miracle, just by being born. That might be hard to swallow, with all the inner-ugly people out there. They’re like that because they are on a lower state or plane of mind. We, on the other hand, are doing things that will allow us to elevate the state of our minds and to become aware of what we are truly capable of. What’s more,  we don’t even know the half of it yet!