Defeat’s nature is only temporary: Know that and you will rise above most others.

Defeat is one of the most important things you can achieve in order to succeed. Ironic I know, but what defeat means is that you have tried and as Napoleon Hill famously states »Every defeat brings with it the seed of success«, as such we shall welcome defeat. No one can succeed without it now that is perfectly certain, unless you’re the Zuck, but let’s leave those rarest phenomenons at bay. Just as every no brings you closer to a yes so does every defeat bring you closer to victory. An entrepreneur, a person who wants to succeed in life will have to go through much pain before he is awarded with glory. The biggest thing that separates a winner from a loser is the number of times the winner was able to stand up again and aim even higher, whilst the loser stood up but crawled the rest of the way. As such persistence is a key ingredient, as of course Napoleon Hill states so profusely as well. As this stands, do not be afraid of being defeated, now that you know that it is temporary and short-lived, if you let it be that of course. Embrace it and learn from what you have done in order to be better next time. Although at times it will be very difficult to do that so when ocassions come by when you really just can’t think positive or just can’t turn away from it, just take some time off, do things that you like to do and do not think about anything in particular whilst you do it just live in the moment and have fun. Then in time you will learn that what put you down was really just a small set back; most things are as such when we look at them from an objective view-point. We’re so keen at overdramatizing things it’s amazing. What I have also noticed is that most of the time we completely miss the important and main thing and rather concentrate on something petty and of no value or at least lesser value.

Well, now you know. No more excuses here on out. When you fail say thank you, when some one tells you no, say thank you, when you meet defeat thank it for the feedback. Then recouperate, improve and stay on course. Never allow yourself to aim lower after not succeeding, never. Always aim higher and higher, only consider that your aims should be in the realms of the possibility. The realm of possibilities is very wide though, so yes, even becoming a billionaire is in the real of possibilites for you. Life gives you what you ask from it, so ask for a lot but remember, you’ll have to give a lot in return as well. That means those of us who aim very high will have to sacrifice a lot; one of those are some of your friends, who you will have to let go. Those friends or pals that just don’t grow in life just keep you down, and you aren’t helping them either. That is that it is lonely on top, because it really is. Me, personally, I haven’t gone out to party or anything in quite a while. Why you ask? Because if I go then the next day I am unproductive, which means  won’t read any books, I won’t think clearly and one day usually turns into two and so on. In the end though, everything will pay out. The formula to success is something every one has to find out for themselves, but I can state with assurance that constant and dilligent work on yourself, proper mindset and well directed thoughts and hard work will get you there. If these conditions are met then you cannot fail and you won’t.