Twitter Contest for a Start-Up Bundle

I am running a short twitter contest for The Lean Start up Bundle 2012 Prize: 1 Lean Start up Bundle 2012 by Instructions to participate: 1.Follow @DomenKert on Twitter 2. Tweet the… Continue reading


Distractions. They are everywhere and they are imposing on us day in day out. We cannot get rid of distractions, nor should we try to. Mankind has always been keen to be distracted,… Continue reading

A poem of wordly proportions!

If you think you are beaten, you are, If you think you dare not, you don’t. If you like to win, but you think you can’t, It is almost certain you won’t. If… Continue reading

Defeat’s nature is only temporary: Know that and you will rise above most others.

Defeat is one of the most important things you can achieve in order to succeed. Ironic I know, but what defeat means is that you have tried and as Napoleon Hill famously states… Continue reading

The crucial importance of Gratitude!

Are you grateful for the things in your life yet? If yes, good, if not then you better start being so if you want to manifest true happiness and an abundant life! It… Continue reading

The Mustache Story

Peculiar title I know. It hasn’t got much to do with anything, only that I have a story to tell you about it. A few weeks ago I thought I’d become a mustache-man.… Continue reading

Go out with yourself!

I went to the movies yesterday all by myself and it was awesome. The main story behind this blog post is that people should rely more on themselves for all entertainment they need… Continue reading

It works!

It absolutely does, yes, the law of attraction or the formula, or the secret or even praying if you want to call it that way – works. Here is how I consider it… Continue reading

One step closer!

This past week has been very, very exhausting as I had a 4 day traning-seminar for my position as a telephone salesman for a Slovenian Company Studio Moderna. I was one of the… Continue reading

What is this all about!?

Well I got you here didn’t I? If you’ve stopped by why not listen to me for a minute. This particular not-yet-really-titled site will serve as a posting ground for my path from… Continue reading